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Gen Mini-Fic Exchange

A cross-fandom gen ficathon challenge

Multi-Fandom Gen Minificathon Exchange
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All Members , Moderated
A minificathon focused on gen/platonic relationships across fandoms
Welcome to Genfic Minis, the mini-ficathon that focuses on gen relationships across fandoms!

The world needs more gen-fic, we need more of an emphasis on friendships and family being just as important as romantic relationships. Romance is fun and it's sexy and provocative - but in this space, we're trying to build a community that looks more specifically at those relationships that are just as meaningful and carry just as much weight as the popular ships.

How this works:
On the 1st, a poll of fandoms will go up
On the 5th, the voting will close and the top three fandoms, along with the theme, will go up and sign-ups will begin
On the 10th, the sign-ups will close.
On the 11th, the assignments will be mailed out.
On the 27th, the fics (of 500 words or more) will be due and a masterlist will be posted.
From the 27th-end of the month, there's a free-for-all and any fic/fanworks for the theme can be posted on the livejournal page

The next Month, things start all over again.


1. Only platonic relationships are allowed in this community. Which means no canon-ships or UST/unrequited love unless the recipient specifically requests it.

2. Post directly to the community page, or post with a link to your journal. Always post your fic behind a lj cut.

3. Leave feedback on other people's fics when you read them. It's only nice, even if you only have time to say something short. If you do not comment on the fic written for you, you will be placed on probation within the community.

4. If you are late, you have up to two days after the due date to sumbit your ficlet. After that, we will find a back-up writer. If you drop out in a round, you must sit the next round out. If you are going to be delayed or find you cannot finish, please let the mods know ASAP (genficmini.mods @ gmail dot com).

5. Once a fandom has been chosen for a round, it must sit out of the nomination process for at least TWO ROUNDS afterwards.

6. Have fun!


When posting your story for the minificathon, please put it under an lj-cut (or a fake LJ-cut linking to the story in your own journal. Either way is fine!) We also require HEADERS! Here is a proper header:

word count:

Masterlist of Masterposts

1. Siblings (btvs, tvd, & hp)
2. Silence (gg, hg, 100)
3. Special: Elena Gilbert
4. Slytherpuff (arrow, b99, hp)
5. Genre Shift (arrow, flash, agent carter)
6. World Mechanics (tvd, hp, ouat)
7. High School (boy meets world, veronica mars, gossip girl)
8. High School is Hell (btvs, tvd, sabrina)