Round 11: Poll

Since there was zero interest in the "Fallen Ladies" prompt/poll - let's try this round again and start from the very basics. I'm also interested in knowing if there's anything you'd like to see come from the comm in the future - a theme, a fandom, an event - whatever is in your noodle that you'd like to see happen, I'm always open to new ideas to shake things up!

(Revised) Round 11 Schedule:
Thursday, July 14th: Theme Poll Opens
Monday, July 18th: Round Poll Opens
Wednesday, July 20th: Sign ups Open
Monday, July 25th: Assignments Mailed
Sunday, August 21st: Assignments Due
Monday, August 22nd: Free-For-All Opens

Poll #2049710 Round 11: theme

I plan to participate in Round 11 ...


I will (probably) participate in this Round and I would like to write about

Dead WLW
The Strong Warrior
Found Families
(Literal) Pack Dynamics
Children's Literature
Historical Figures

For the theme I picked, I would like to nominate these (3-5) characters/fandoms


[Round 11: Our Fallen Ladies] Poll

In honor of a particularly bad year of television, I'm proposing a gen round focused on women who love women. Even in fandom, there's a lot of emphasis on lesbians being defined by their relationship or sexuality. I know that there is a lot of shippyness in fandom anyway - and smut - but it would be particularly nice if these characters could be celebrated in a gen-fashion.

The most important rule this month will be: I am alive. Let's celebrate the lives and hobbies and personalities and friendships of these fantastic ladies.

Here is the schedule for Round Eleven:
Polls Open: Tuesday, July 5th
Sign-Ups Open: Friday, July 8th
Sign-Ups Close: Monday, July 11th
Assignments Mailed: Monday, July 11th
Stories Due: Wednesday, July 27th
Free for all: Thursday, July 28th --- Sunday, July 31st

Here let's have a Poll to Begin

have a poll!Collapse )

Yes, that list only goes back to 2010. Yes, I realize that means that many of fandom's faves (Tara, Zena, Marissa, etc.) are not included on that list. PLEASE NOMINATE THEM. It's a small comm - chances are if two of you really want to write about *insert lady here*, I can make that happen.

Scenerygasm: Masterlist

clockwork_hart1 wrote verdant [sw, rey, g for happyg_rl
happyg_rl wrote high heels are the worst [tennenbaums, margot, t] for clockwork_hart1
kwritten wrote delayed for kwritten

Making this post curled up in my armchair watching once more with feeling and wishing there was a way to reach inside my body and pull out my reproductive organs. PM me if you need anything and consider the free-for-all open to anyone and everyone. XOXO

Assignments Sent!

I gave sign-ups a couple of extra days to see if anyone else would wander in, but have decided to cut it. If you forgot or were just too nervous to do an official prompt/exchange - don't forget that there's always the Free For All week at the end of the month and for this round, any fandom in the original poll.

If you did sign up, you should now have your assignments in your inbox. Please contact me (genficmini.mods/gmail) if you have any questions/concerns or are going to be late or default for any reason.

A reminder of the schedule::

Round Eleven:
Poll Opens: Wednesday, June 1ST
Poll Closes: Friday, June 3RD
Sign ups Open: Saturday, June 4TH
Assignments Mailed: Tuesday, June 7TH
Thursday, June 9TH
Stories Due: Friday, June 24TH
Free for all: Saturday, June 25TH -- Thursday, June 30TH

[round 11: scenergygasm] poll!

Hello hi hi good morning what's up how are you how's it going good to see you!!!

Welcome to Round 11: Scenerygasm

Ostensibly this month we will be focusing on descriptions and making sure that the setting is important to the story in some way. For the first time ever I'm offering up the theme before we vote on the fandoms bc (a) why not? and (b) this feels like the kind of theme that would change what you'd want to write &hearts

Here is the schedule for Round Eleven:
Poll Opens: Wednesday, June 1ST
Poll Closes: Friday, June 3RD
Sign ups Open: Saturday, June 4TH
Assignments Mailed: Tuesday, June 7TH
Stories Due: Friday, June 24TH
Free for all: Saturday, June 25TH -- Thursday, June 30TH

So here we go with the poll!
lol guys i want this comm to work so hardCollapse )

Round 10: The final kiss of a lover's fist

Title: The final kiss of a lover's fist
Fandom: Injustice: Gods Among Us
Characters: Kate Kane, Harley Quinn, implied past Harley/Joker
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1126 (unedited)
Warnings: Domestic abuse.
Notes: Written for kwritten's prompts "a mistreated lady/ladies, the run-away scenario, bad diner food, and no fluff or dub/noncon. Erm, this is as yet unedited, because I didn't have time to really get into it, but I really liked the prompt and wanted to play! I hope I can be excused. kwritten, if you'd like to have this gifted on AO3 anyway, I'd be more than happy to do that.

Summary: Kate receives a distress call from an old ally who had turned rogue during the last year of their battle against Superman.

Round 10: Sharp Edges, (Anya, Amy Madison, PG-13)

Title: Sharp Edges
Author: punch_kicker15
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Relationships: Anya, Amy Madison. Gen.
Summary: AU Post Hell's Bells: When Anya meets Amy Madison at a diner, grievances are aired, and Sunnydale will never be the same.
Word count: 1237
Notes: Written for kwritten who wanted a mistreated lady/ladies, the run-away scenario, bad diner food, and no fluff or dub/noncon. So sorry this is late! The whole month of May got away from me.
Warnings: Neither Anya nor Amy are feeling particularly charitable towards the Scoobies.

Sharp Edges

[round 10: girls only] if Icarus had only known you

fic: if Icarus had only known you
fandom: Arrow
characters: Laurel, Thea, Moira, Sara
rating: g
prompt: for punch_kicker15 who wanted 1) A female character who was killed off in canon, 2) An AU where she survives, 3) spring without violence or another lady dying
setting: sometime in an alt-s3 in which everyone is alive and (mostly) happy(ish) - hope you like it sweetie!

how very von trapp of youCollapse )

[mod post] apology

Hey guys.

Things that are the worst: mostly just me.

I'm terrible.

Well, I'm dealing with a ton of RL stuff and this comm completely slipped my mind. I haven't been online in weeks bc my new schedule is such a mess. If you've peeked at my tumblr: that's a queue and also my Instagram, which I only update so that extended family doesn't start calling me or thinking I'm dead.


By next month, everything should be much more manageable for me and we'll do another round.

However, I want to take this opportunity to do a bit of an overhaul/rethinking of what this comm does and how it functions.

This comm has changed greatly in terms of participants since we began and as such, I want to touch base with those of you still interested in contributing - esp in terms of what you want.

I've been considering abandoning the "three fandoms per round" option because I find that it is scaring authors away? In which case, I'm not sure the best way to proceed.

Please, please, please if you have any suggestions or things that you want from this comm that you haven't been getting, let me know in the comments to this post. If you like the three fandoms option, if you preferred the nominations option, if you don't want the theme, if you want to vote on the theme, etc - please tell me everything. If you have a list of complaints as long as your arm, write it all down and leave it here. If you like how things are going please tell me.

I'm not doing a poll for this because partly I'm worried that I'm not asking the right questions.

Please bear with this momentary bout of self-doubt.

And again, I apologize for my absence.

And a special note: little happyg_rl has lost her internet. And apparently her router. It's a ridiculous little bit of drama and she's quite frustrated. RL has not been kind to the Bell sisters and I'm passing on her apology as both the family representative and your friendly neighborhood mod.

ROUND 9: Finding the Sunshine, PG/FT, Tonks for kwritten

title: Finding the Sunshine
fandom: Harry Potter
characters: Tonks, Fleur Weasley, Astoria Greengrass
rating: PG/FRT, for alcohol use
word count: 759
recipient/prompt: for A Very Potter Round of multi_genfic
Name: Kels
Theme 1: Fix-it
Three elements you'd like included: Tonks-is-alive, motherhood, bonding with other ladies/moms
Two things you don't want: mourning, heavy emphasis on the kids themselves
Range of ratings you'd like to read: any/all
beta: angelskuuipo
setting: After book 7, Tonks-is-alive.
summary: Tonks spends the summers at the Shell Cottage.

Finding the Sunshine

[Round 9: A Very Potter Round] Masterlist

So it's been an interesting month behind the scenes and I'm putting the masterlist "up" now so that it is here, but for those of you that needed extra time, don't worry just get it in when you can.

kikimay wrote Tea and Lost Letters; G / 2,511w for happyg_rl
kwritten wrote 57 G / 988w for kikimay
snogged wrote Finding the Sunshine PG / 759w for kwritten
happyg_rl wrote Delayed for snogged

Round 9. Tea and Lost Letters: Lily to Marlene

I'm posting now with the permission of the mod XD

fic: Tea and Lost Letters: Lily to Marlene
fandom: Harry Potter
rating: gen
characters: Lily Evans (And Marlene McKinnon)
word count: 2.511
recipient: happyg_rl who asked "tea, rambling letters, snide remarks" + historical theme
a/n: I really hope you like this! I tried to do my best with the rambling and the snide remarks (LOL, I had to search for the translation because I didn't know the meaning of snide) James Potter is mentioned, just to keep this thing "historically accurate" and such and to make fun of his name. Also other people, important for Lily's story, are mentioned.

These are the letters Lily Evans sent to her bestfriend Marlene McKinnon from 1971 to 1981.

I cried

Tea and Lost LettersCollapse )

[round 9: harry potter special]

After weighing the pros and cons and trying to figure out how to kick off 2016, I've decided to put my modly hat on and declare March a Very Special Potter Round.

Round 9: A Very Special Potter Round sign ups live!

Here is the schedule for Round Nine:
Polls Open: Monday, February 29TH
Sign-Ups Open: Saturday, March 5TH
Sign-Ups Close: Thursday, March 10TH
Assignments Mailed: Friday, March 11TH
Stories Due: Sunday, March 27TH

Poll #2038312 Theme Poll, Round 9


non-Hogwarts (aka: other schools/countries/etc)
House Politics (aka: rivalry/relationship between two or more houses in Hogwarts)
Inner House Politics (aka: only dealing with ONE house)
Muggle AU
Fix-It Fic
Family Dynamics (siblings/parents/in-laws/etc)
Girls Only
Crossovers/Fusions (another fandom set in a HP setting/plot)

round 9?

yay! I am excite!
lol what is this comm anyway?
I am excited you are back, but don't want to do a HP round, sorry?
I am excited you are back and would USUALLY want to do this round, but March is just too busy, rain check?

Modly Notes
+ I know that I teased at a January round and didn't deliver, but we're really back for REALS this time and I hope you guys are still interested! (lol @me I always get SO DISTRACTED by Fem-February I totally forgot that I wanted to reboot in Feb, whoops? Hope you were all out enjoying the femslash!)
+ Usually themes aren't up for votes, but I thought it would be fun to do this time, hope that's cool?

[january] round 10?

Welcome to 2016!!

Poll #2032766 let's get started?

2016 is going to be...

the best year ever
(there is no other option, let's hold each other's hands and make it a fucking good year)
the year in which Kelsey figures out how to get us brownies through our comp screens

wrt this community

I'm still interested in participating!
I missed it during the hiatus!
I forgot about it?
I'm over it, but it was fun while it lasted
I think if it came back, I'd want things to change (explanation in comments)

if there //was// a January round, I'd want it to be...

a special Harry Potter round
a special write-in nomination round (like the old days)
a regular poll-round
a prompt-only round where the author chooses the fandom

if there //was// a January round, the likelihood of me participating is...

about 90%
about 50%
about 10%
I'll probably wait for February
I'm no longer interested in this community

During the hiatus I...

read something pretty cool - I'll share it in the comments!
wrote something awesome - I'll tell you about it in the comments!
took a much-needed break and was actually a little relieved that the comm was on hold during the holidays
missed this comm!
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november hiatus

I'm so sorry to do this, guys - but I just can't feasibly mod an exchange this month. So! Go forth and be good little nano humans or whatever, take a break if you need to. You are wonderful and beautiful little fairy creatures and I adore you. I'm so sorry, see you in December!

[fic] a duel at sunrise

fic: a duel at sunrise
fandom: tvd
characters: the whole gang is here spoilers (kinda)Collapse )
word count: 1600
recipient: for lynzie914 who wanted someone else (known) as the doppelganger, mirrors, fighting fate without character bashing or love triangles
summary: imagine a tvd in which elena isn't the doppleganger

this is cracky fluffy fun i hope you like itCollapse )

round eight: the people on their knees (elena&dawn)

title: the people on their knees
fandom: btvs/tvd
characters: dawn, elena, and some alaric
rating: teen
word count: 1300ish
recipient: Kelsey, who wanted; dawn & elena (saltzman-sisters or not), lipgloss vs. stilettos, trade secrets
a/n: I hope you like this and it resembles something like what you wanted. also just under the wire. didn’t think that was going to happen. i’m so behind I think i’m in august or something.

They are a found family, made of blood and energy and want and loneliness and too many other things to count. They are a family though.Collapse )

[sign ups] Round 8: High School is Hell

edited 10/8: signups will be open until the end of the day on the 10th to see if more authors are willing to come play this round

Welcome to Round 8!
Thanks to everyone who voted for the fandoms this month.

The (optional) theme for this month is:
Ritual Inversion
In ritual inversion, the rules of society are reversed or ignored. (source)

Rather than just a simple 'Halloween' theme, I though it would be more interesting to stretch the box a little bit. You can interpret this however you want - a character acting in a way different than their norm (ala Willow in "Dopplegangland"); the rules of the universe being switched around for one day/month/year because ~magick (or whatever); the actual writing of your story altering halfway through; be creative!

Since 2/3 of the fandoms for this month are ones that pop up here on a regular basis, I strongly encourage you to take this month and stretch your wings as you write, push yourself! try something new! hop out of your own box!

It is up to writer this month to come up with their own interpretation of the theme, which means that it is up to you to push yourself and push the prompts into new, maybe unforeseen, directions! Which means that the theme is NOT part of the request-signup. Any inversions that authors do will be up to their discretion during their writing process.

I know you all can do this!

The available fandoms for this round are:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Vampire Diaries
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

round 8 live!

Here is the schedule for round eight:

Polls Open: Thursday, October 1ST
Sign-Ups Open: Monday, October 5TH
Assignments Mailed: Thursday, October 11TH
Stories Due: Tuesday, October 27TH

And now for the rules:

+ Let us know if you can only write for one fandom in your sign-up.
+ No slashing, no canon-pairings, no popular fandom-pairings. No exceptions.
+ There is no upper limit, but you have to write at least 500 words.
+ You have twenty days to finish your story.
+ If for some reason you cannot write your story, or it's gonna be late, let us know as soon as you can.

+ For this round: crossovers for ONE prompt are okay! but you must include a second prompt in only one fandom as well


mod note: Kelsey has a monstrous cold and so may not be as quick with the answering of questions this month as usual, please just be patient with me. And pray to whatever spirit, goddess, or forest nymph you ascribe to that this blows over quickly!